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Elegant yet inexpensive, our acrylic shelves are a great display solution.

See the table below for common size acrylic shelving.

Design Options - Customized shelving is no problem. Call today to discuss a form fit solution for your shelving needs.

Extra Support - Gusset supports are available to provide added strength for displaying heavier items.

Wall Mount Acrylic Trays & Cubes Acrylic Shelves

Common Size Shelves
Depth Width Thickness
6" 12" 1/4"
8" 12" 1/4"
10" 12" 1/4"
12" 12" 1/4"
6" 24" 1/4"
8" 24" 1/4"
10" 24" 1/4"
12" 24" 1/4"

Wall Mounting Options

J Racks

Clear Industries' J Rack channels are perfect for displaying cards, books, videos, CDs and much more. These wall mounted channels are a simple, clean and inexpensive display solution.

Custom Size and Style - Custom channels sizes and styles and material thicknesses are not a problem. Clear Industries can provide you with the custom fit you need.

Acrylic Rack & Shelving

Wall Mounting Options