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Maximize your product and literature exposure with a Clear Industries step display.

Excellent for displaying giftware, CD's, tapes, books, videos and a host of other products, our step displayers offer great product visibility while minimizing the use of countertop space.

Special size, style and color, countertop or wall mount, Clear Industries is able to provide all these design options and more to form fit your product or literature display.

Custom imprinting is another great design option to consider.

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Product Risers

A beautiful way to maximize your products' exposure--You can elegantly present your products with Clear Industries' product risers.

Common Riser Sets - Our 3 piece riser sets come in clear, black and mirrored acrylic, in graduating heights of 2", 4" and 6".

Custom Color, Sizes and Styles - Available in various colors, sizes and styles, you can customized risers sets to distinctly fit your display needs.

Nice Touch! - Add a nice touch with custom imprinting.

Product Risers Circular Product Risers